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Vent Spleen Interview w/ Barsi

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Inside the Box Interview w/ Barsi

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Tom Coston Interview w/ Barsi


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“As a sci-fi writer myself I always view offerings in this genre – whether they be books, films, audio, whatever – with a slightly more critical perception than most readers, viewers, listeners, etc. 

My critiques are always based on how entertaining I found the offering, how well the story moves along, and how well the communication techniques work. Absolutely no worries on any of those scores with Dimension.

The storyline is intriguing, and therefore kept me entertained from the very first word to the last in each episode. The scene was set nicely, first by the narrator, and then by interspersing the thoughts and words of the mystery woman, who wakes up with no knowledge of who she is, where she is, or how she got there.

Hang on, I hear you saying…that story scenario has been done before: the amnesiac in a strange place. Yes it has, but, to my knowledge, not like this. Without giving away too many spoilers, this plot device is used to create a fascinating story which aims to debunk Einstein’s theory of relativity by suggesting that there are infinite timelines, all linked and running side by side, which contain altered versions of everyone.

With the narrator “telling” and the characters’ dialogue “showing,” the story moves along at a well-planned pace, developing nicely for each new twist and turn. The writing is crisp and well executed by the cast. The intrigue builds professionally, as information about the characters and settings is let out bit by bit.

Overall, I will give the episodes I listened to, four and a half stars out of five. The half star was lost purely because I personally found some of the sound effects too loud and prolonged. Other listeners may disagree with me on that, and find the volume of the wailing siren in particular, to be an important aspect of that episode.”


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